Textures, Brutai and Godsticks

Textures, Brutai and Godsticks – Live at the Underworld Camden

Last Thursday I shot three great bands at the Underworld Camden: Textures, Brutai and Godsticks. Great music and great musicians playing that night.

Victor Guidini Music Photography VictorGuidini photographer Victor Guidini London professional photographer

Godsticks opened the night. I had seen these guys from Wales before, as a supporting band for some international gigs here in London – great musicians. Brutai was the second band, delivering a cool performance. And finally, Textures from the Netherlands closed the night.


Victor Guidini Music Photographer Victor Guidini music photography Victor Guidini Photographer

Brutai and Godsticks gigs were quite straightforward to shoot, as I am used to The Underworld lighting system. The challenge was the Textures gig. The band brought their own lighting system, which created a nice dark effect for the audience. However, it was mainly directional spotlights behind the band and some strobes, with a high background light and almost no key light from the house’s light system. The result was that some pictures went black, as I tried to sync the camera shutter with the strobes and sometimes it didn’t work. Another issue was the lack of light, as for much of the gig, only the band’s lights were used. Although a very difficult gig to shoot, it was really worth it and I managed to get some good photos.

Textures Brutai Godsticks - Underworld Camden Textures Brutai Godsticks - Underworld Camden

Victor Guidini PhotographerVictor Guidini Music Photography

Textures Brutai Godsticks - Underworld CamdenVictor Guidini photographer







Victor Guidini London photographer

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