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Are you getting married in London? Who will be your London wedding photographer?

Here is a list of four things you should consider before hiring a London wedding photographer.


1 Package coverage

The number of hours that a photographer will be working during your wedding day sometimes are neglected when hiring a wedding photographer. Your wedding day will be one of the most important day of your lives, it’s important to have a professional photographer to capture all the details and events of your wedding day. Usually around eight to ten hours of photography coverage are enough for an average wedding, but delays are common during weddings therefore it’s important to have everything on schedule for your wedding day.

2 Investment

Price can be an important element when selecting your London wedding photographer, but it shouldn’t be the only decisive factor. We all know bad stories from brides and couples who hired a photographer based purely on price. I usually receive a few emails every month from brides that have bad pictures taken from their wedding photographer and want to save them  with Photoshop. It’s a costly process and some pictures are so bad that are impossible to recover.  Your wedding photos, and possible a video, will be all you have to remember and show from your wedding.

3 Frames and wedding albums

How future generations will see your wedding pictures? In 50 years, will you be able to read your USB stick with your wedding photos? Your wedding photographer should be able to provide you a high quality wedding album to be cherished for your and through generations. In a long term, it’s not a good idea to neglect the importance of a good wedding album. Make sure your London wedding photographer is able to deliver an everlasting wedding album.

4 Character

When selecting a London wedding photographer for your wedding day you are selecting more than just a wedding photographer. You will be hiring a photographer, hopefully a professional photographer, that will be with your family, your friends, and you all day during your wedding day. A big part of the selection process is a person’s character and should not be neglected or forgotten in any way.

The personality of your London wedding photographer can set the mood for your entire wedding day. Basically it can influence your wedding photography altogether. You may be working with your photographer for several months, from the pre-wedding consultation to your engagement session, wedding day, selection of pictures  for your wedding album.

Victor Guidini Photography is a London wedding photographer based in London, England offering wedding photography in the London area, included South London, West London, North London and East London, and destinations worldwide.

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London wedding photographer

London wedding photographer